April 16, 2018

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 With the addition of iN-Command with Global Connect your Cougar offers the most advanced, most reliable control and monitoring system.  Turn lights on or off, check tank levels, even adjust your air-conditioning from anywhere using your smart phone and the world wide web.  


Keystone RV Company’s top-selling Cougar now features the latest generation of iN∙Command Control Systems. Standard on all 2019 Cougar travel trailers and fifth wheels, the all new iN∙Command with Global Connect gives Cougar owners more options to take control of their RV’s.

iN∙Command with Global Connect makes it easy for owners to control the motorized and monitoring functions of their trailer or fifth wheel using a state-of-the-art wall-mounted touch screen control panel or through a smart phone or tablet.

Says Cougar product manager Matt Christensen, “With Global Connect technology, RVers can monitor and control many of the important functions of their Cougar from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi and cellular data connections. This includes sliderooms,  interior and exterior lighting, climate-control systems as well as monitoring tank levels. The possibilities are almost limitless. “ 

Keystone Cougar is the first RV brand to adapt Global Connect technology across all models.  Notes Cougar Christensen, “Over the past 20 years, Cougar has earned the reputation as the industry leader in looks, floorplans and technology.  By making iN∙Command with Global Connect a Cougar standard we continue to build on this legacy and give a new generation of RV buyers more reasons to choose Cougar.”

iN∙Command with Global Connect is the next generation of control for your Keystone RV, keeping you in control no matter where you go.

The wall mount control panel is the central hub of the RV, controlling motorized functions, lights, and even climate while also monitoring water and fuel tanks in one convenient place. These functions and more can be accessed remotely using the iN∙Command app. With Global Connect technology, you can control select functions from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection.