Tuesday September 18, 2018



Keystone Innovation: KeyTV Plug-and-Play technology makes it easy to seamlessly watch over-the-air, satellite or cable TV

Like many RV owners, you’ve probably found the TV coax system in your camper frustrating and difficult to figure out. Where’s the antenna “booster” and when should I turn it on? What are “jumpers” and what do they do? How do I connect my satellite TV? Fact is, questions about RV TV reception are a hot topic on social media and with the Keystone customer support team. 

Keystone tuned into customer's challenges and set out to re-invent a better, stronger, hassle-free RV entertainment system. After two and a half years of development, Keystone's KeyTV is now ready to completely change your RV entertainment experience for the better. This patent-pending innovation is miles ahead of previous systems: KeyTV delivers single-point control of over-the-air, cable, satellite and FM feeds. It’s simple, reliable and a total game changer.

According to Keystone Senior VP of Engineering, Mark Bullock, KeyTV is a huge step forward in RV entertainment technology. “Old-style RV TV systems are too complicated, too confusing and too difficult to trace or repair. Our goal in creating KeyTV was to make it as simple as the system in your home. Plug and play, so to speak. We have succeeded 100% in achieving this goal,” Bullock said.

The KeyTV box functions as the "brain" of the system into which you plug the satellite feeds. The roof mounted antenna is already pre-wired into the system. KeyTV identifies over-the-air, cable and satellite signals and sends each signal to the TV outlets located throughout the RV. A color-coded coax cable runs from the KeyTV box to each TV location with no splitters or jumpers to degrade the signal. Inside and outside connection points are clearly labeled. There’s no need for a “booster button” as KeyTV senses the signal source and automatically boosts the over-the-air signal. Unlike other systems, each TV location is satellite TV capable. KeyTV is compatible with DISH, DirectTV, Shaw, and Bell satellite systems.

The next time you sit down to watch the game in your Keystone RV equipped with KeyTV; relax. Switching between antennae, cable or satellite is as easy as pie.


KeyTV is a Keystone exclusive and available on most models beginning September 2018.