When something is going as well as Key Connect, it’s hard not to want to make it even stronger, so we’re kicking it up a notch with an effective lead nurture software platform called Aimbase that will score leads based on prospective buyer interactions with our personal shoppers and their activity on the website. We’ll send only highly engaged leads your way. We’ll also be able to provide you with valuable reporting with national bench-marking so you can see how you rank among your competitors who are also turning leads into sales. We are also doubling the number of our personal shoppers to make sure we can provide the best and most timely contact. Each dealer will get a lead account where they can login and view all of their leads from us.  Once we’re live, Aimbase will send an email invitation to the dealership’s main lead contact to create the account.  

We want to make sure that Key Connect leads are getting to the right people in your organization. If you feel like we’re not connecting the dots, please take a moment to update your contact information.




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First impression is everything.  We’ve changed our routing rules from sending the lead to the two closest dealers to sending it only to the first closest dealer.  The lead will be exclusively yours for two business days from the time it arrives, and then it will be automatically routed to the next dealer if it’s not opened by you. Internet shoppers expect immediate results, and will thank you for your attention.


If the customer provided a phone number, give them a call!  Even internet shoppers sometimes want to talk to a live person. The phone number field is optional, so if they’ve taken the time to enter their number, this is likely their preferred communication method.


Many of these leads ask for pricing up front.  It’s frustrating, we know. You probably have your own feelings about how to handle this. The feedback we’ve received is that if the customer can’t at least gauge what the unit will cost, they’ll move on. 


If you do communicate, make sure to follow up.  You know this already. Even if the customer doesn’t visit on the first point of contact, we hope you’ll continue to follow up with Key Connect leads. They often come back to our personal shoppers when they lose contact




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We will make this program better with your input! You can also feel free to reach out to the Key Connect team to chat about a prospect, give us advice or ask questions.


Ashley Adamaitis, Key Connect program manager

574.535.2161   adams@keystonerv.com

Aidan Coronel, Keystone RV personal shopper (western US and Canada)

574-535-2132   coroa@keystonerv.com

John Thomas, Keystone RV personal shopper (eastern US and Canada)

574-535-1492   thomasj@keystonerv.com

Crossroads & Dutchman product shopping specialists to be announced soon! Check back for details.