NEW floor plans, NEW décor, NEW Keystone exclusive innovations, and an altogether BRAND NEW perspective.


We are constantly driven to shatter barriers and delight our customers with impressive, unexpected, and award-winning features. Along with this year’s Best of Show winners, we believe to have unveiled our most exciting lineup ever. We have just rolled out thrilling new models across all of our brands that we cannot wait for you to see. Visit our website to explore our brands, see new floor plans, and take virtual tours through our units. If you’re struggling to decide which brand/floor plan is ideal for your family or to find a dealer selling your perspective floor plan, we are here to help—visit our Key Connect page and we will put you in direct contact with one of our specialists dedicated to helping you find your perfect RV match.


Pictured Left: Alpine PM Jeff Wagner, Outback PM Eric Landis, Hideout PM Scott Taylor




Outback’s 300ML has adventurers of all kinds swooning. The exciting new floor plan represents convenience, luxury, and modernity on every level. It’s sleek exterior design, maximized storage space, modern farmhouse decor and innovative amenities make this award winning premium travel trailer a one

of kind getaway.  


 “Every single detail was so carefully planned out when designing the 300ML, and ultimately it’s those little details that make the 300ML so fantastic. The 300ML’s exterior has an awesome new drop frame pass through storage; not one, but two awnings that cover the vast majority of the unit, an outside kitchen with upgraded countertops, and a cargo rack for added storage capacity. Our interior focus began with the term “built-ins.” We incorporated built-in, pull out trash storage in the pantry, a built-in stove in the island, a built-in coffee bar, a built-in paper towel holder, a built-in pull out spice rack, a built-in wine rack, a built-in charging station in the dinette, and a built-in pet kennel incorporated into the bed frame. It is those combined features that position the Outback 300ML in a league of its own!”  - Eric Landis, Outback Product Manager




Hideout’s brand new design is bound to surprise and delight. The 29DFS offers ultimate storage flexibility with new, unexpected features like the Hideaway Hidden Pantry and optimized wardrobe space. The 29DSF also includes the industry’s first outdoor fireplace—campers can now enjoy the relaxing ambiance and warmth of a campfire in just seconds with the flick of a switch.


"The 29DSF takes the number one selling Bunkhouse floor plan to a whole new level. We wanted to create something that requires no sacrifices. Listening to customers, we heard that traditional bunkhouse floor plans have a few areas that customers desired to be improved, so we made sure to laser focus on making those improvements. Countertop space is usually something that we had to sacrifice, we added 25% more countertop space so you have plenty of room to prepare meals. Second, finding a place to store food for the entire family was difficult, so we added a huge hidden pantry that has enough room for food and anything else you may want to store away. The best part is, we built the pantry behind the entertainment center so it’s not intrusive to the eyes and allows for a 50” TV viewing experience. Lastly, bunkhouses typically has optimal storage options for kids, but not usually for parents—we focused on creating 50% more wardrobe space so they too have plenty of storage. As an added bonus, we included an extra fireplace on this unit. Yes, you read “extra” correctly, because it has TWO. But it’s the location of the second one that changes the game. By locating it outside under the awning we provide you with convenience and the comforts of home for those sticky situations when you can’t build a fire at your campsite. Now you can instantly have the ambiance and heat of a fire with the touch of a button.” - Matt Zimmerman, CEO





Alpine 3711KP is a stunning new floor plan created through consumer collaboration and the re-imagination of their best-selling design. The new 3711KP floor plan perfectly rounds out Alpine’s lineup, stacking its deck with something unique to offer every type of customer.


"Alpine consistently develops models and features that are designed in conjunction with our retail customer needs. The Alpine 3711KP checks all the boxes with regard to extended stay camping and lifestyle. This model’s kitchen pantry provides unparalleled storage, extensive counter top space and the look and function of today’s contemporary home design."  - Jeff Wagner, Alpine Product Manager